Bio: Born on the Summer Solstice in Buffalo, New York in 1955, I will turn 58 this June 21. I was born during Mercury Retrograde and am only now understanding exactly what that means in my life. I've been an R.N., who studied at Emory University in Georgia and then specialized in Psychiatric Nursing of Chemically Dependent Pregnant Women and their newborns in Chicago, Illinois. I also worked for the Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago as well. In 1991 I stepped away from Nursing to become a Stylist and Window Dresser for a boutique in Santa, Fe, New Mexico. There, in 1994, with a partner, opened the Folk Arts of Poland, buying and selling religious artifacts from Eastern Europe. In 2000, I began competing in Body Building and have won 21 trophies in 9 competitions. I became a Personal Trainer in 2003 and am currently working as a Trainer in Palm Springs, CA.

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  1. Jill, I have had you on my mind for the past month, and this is the first time I’ve been able to send a note. What a great trip you are having. I will read up on it all this weekend. After we saw each other, my mother was sent to a nursing home (only 72) for depression and could not walk. I returned to Ohio, my home, to witness my niece graduate from law school with honors, and to see my mother. To make it short, she is doing better now, and starting to walk again. I have been working about 12-14 hours a day turning a Casita into a Closet Boutique for our dentist, who was crowned Mrs Italy, and will compete in the Mrs Universe Pageant this Aug in China. Best to you both, Steve and You, hoping you get everything you wanted and more from this trip. Beautiful pictures. Love you, Terry (Terry / Peter) God Bless and safe travels there and back home!

    • jill611 says:

      Hi Terry,
      How lovely to hear from you and excuse the lateness of this reply. I’m in England now as I injured my foot and was unable to complete
      My Camino in Spain. Steve stayed on and will complete his this Sunday. I’m in a small country village without phone service and unless I come to the one cafe in town that has wifi I’m unable to catch up with wordpress or Facebook etc.

      Glad to hear that your mom is better and that you were able to see your niece graduate. Where in Ohio? My brother used to live in Columbus. Anyway, sounds like you are busy as usual and are working on a great job. Is Rene your dentist by chance? If so she is an amazing person. We competed together in the Dancing with the desert Stars competition. Give her my best if so.

      Well I’m home next week so as soon as the jet lag is gone lets get together , okay. Love to you both. Xoxo

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