Camino buddies online, face to face…

bill bennett

The Camino has a way of forming friendships that can run very deep, very fast.

And I’ve discovered that you don’t even need to meet these friends in Spain or Portugal or France. You can meet them online.

Through this blog I’ve made some wonderful friends. And now on this current work trip to the US, I’m getting to meet some of them face to face.

Earlier this week I finally got to meet Michael and Kathryn Schlesinger. Michael writes under the name Rambler59. I’d always thought that meant he was a rambler – a nomad – and he was either born in 1959, or he was 59 years old.

Turns out his pride and joy – apart from his wife and family – is a glorious old 1959 Rambler station wagon.


michael in car

Jennifer and I had a gap in our schedule so I contacted them – they live down at…

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Born on the Summer Solstice in Buffalo, New York in 1955, I will turn 58 this June 21. I was born during Mercury Retrograde and am only now understanding exactly what that means in my life. I've been an R.N., who studied at Emory University in Georgia and then specialized in Psychiatric Nursing of Chemically Dependent Pregnant Women and their newborns in Chicago, Illinois. I also worked for the Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago as well. In 1991 I stepped away from Nursing to become a Stylist and Window Dresser for a boutique in Santa, Fe, New Mexico. There, in 1994, with a partner, opened the Folk Arts of Poland, buying and selling religious artifacts from Eastern Europe. In 2000, I began competing in Body Building and have won 21 trophies in 9 competitions. I became a Personal Trainer in 2003 and am currently working as a Trainer in Palm Springs, CA.
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