I’m BACK!! Hello again and welcome back. I arrived in Palm Springs just as the rally to celebrate the over-turning of DOMA was ending and the everyone was down at the Marilyn statue. This was the the long awaited freedom for any two individuals to be legally recognized as legitimate spouses with all the freedoms that the rest of us have known forever!! The energy was high and town was a buzzing beehive. But I was so blasted exhausted from my 13 hour non-stop from Madrid to LAX along with the 4 hour ride home in the middle of rush hour that it prevented me from joining all of you which I felt bad about. On the other hand, Madrid was such a special time with Steve which is where I left you hanging at the end of the last blog that I think now is as good a time as ever to update you.

After we grinningly welcomed one another at the airport with a nice long hug and a sweet little kiss we needed to get to central Madrid where we were spending the night before flying out Wednesday morning. It turns out that the train was the fastest and least expensive way to go. So, we got our route from the information employee and got out tickets from a ticket machine after 3 tries due to pounds, euros, dollars and language barriers and were on our way. The reason I bring this up is that in the past this could have been a situation that would easily make Steve uneasy (don’t forget this man is a pilot and likes order that he is in charge of, not the unknown) but in this case he was very cool and rolled, err lurched with the plan. That made me see how the Camino was carrying its magic forward and that made me happy.

We got to our hotel, Best Western Arosa on Gran Via central Madrid only to be welcomed warmly and quickly and were soon on our way to our room on the 7th floor. Which shouldn’t matter but did in the best of ways. We had room 728 which ended up being the corner room and only one of two rooms in the whole hotel that had a balcony overlooking the bustling street below.


The view was perfect and the building across the street from us, an 8 story building had this majestic looking statue on the top of it, symbolizing victory which only seemed apropos!




To say we were thrilled was an understatement. They gave us free mini bar and also offered us a free drink at the bar which is where we headed after having a drink at the bistro table on the balcony. We intended to have the one drink and then go to dinner. But, best laid plans ended up 3 hours later with a “best laid” if you catch my drift!” Seriously, there seemed to be something special in the bottle of wine that we split! Our bartender was a sweetheart and we were so comfortable just talking and catching up that we forgot ourselves and were just in the moment. We ended up ordering off the bar menu, split a dessert ( yes we eat dessert) and took a 20 minute stroll before going back up to the room and out on the balcony, where we were posing like the statue watching over us!





All as I can say is I’m so glad the buildings surrounding our hotel were office buildings that had daytime hours! We had fun! And, it absolutely contributed to our being very tired at 630am later that morning! But, also happy.

We had a nice complimentary breakfast Buffett, the nicest one the whole trip, before Steve left for the airport at 830am. I left a few hours later.

So, you might be wondering where we left things and that is the interesting part. Right as they were. I am back in PS and Steve will remain in Henderson at his moms place. We are both content for the time being and don’t want to lose that momentum that we both have going independently. We are not divorcing and are both delighted to stay married until something shifts for either one of us. We will be planning other trips but at the moment have no specific plans. So, that is where this portion of my journey ends but I have come to realize that many other things happened on this trip which is why I would like to continue writing,  so my blog DOES NOT end here. So, please continue to follow me if your so inclined.

Next up: My re-entry to Palm Springs


About jill611

Born on the Summer Solstice in Buffalo, New York in 1955, I will turn 58 this June 21. I was born during Mercury Retrograde and am only now understanding exactly what that means in my life. I've been an R.N., who studied at Emory University in Georgia and then specialized in Psychiatric Nursing of Chemically Dependent Pregnant Women and their newborns in Chicago, Illinois. I also worked for the Visiting Nurse Association of Chicago as well. In 1991 I stepped away from Nursing to become a Stylist and Window Dresser for a boutique in Santa, Fe, New Mexico. There, in 1994, with a partner, opened the Folk Arts of Poland, buying and selling religious artifacts from Eastern Europe. In 2000, I began competing in Body Building and have won 21 trophies in 9 competitions. I became a Personal Trainer in 2003 and am currently working as a Trainer in Palm Springs, CA.
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11 Responses to RE- UNION, PART TWO

  1. Ted Guice says:

    Beautiful, Jill…thanks for filling us in and for your courage and honesty in doing so! So glad to have you home here with us ‘Desert Rats’. Love you! T
    And yep…please keep writing. You’re good at it!

    • jill611 says:

      Thanks Teddy, How nice of you! I only know one way to do things and that is to tell the truth and speak from my heart. It warms me so much to know that you enjoy it and think that I am good at it. I really love doing it and am going to continue. I missed you and am tickled that John has found you and is thriving! He deserves the best and you are it. I would personally love to know what you are doing with him because I have another client who has a similar shoulder problem and I don’t know any of the newer techniques, if you don’t mind…….xoox

      • Ted Guice says:

        Thank you, babe! You really are one of those angels walking among us! I would be more than happy brainstorm with you about the shoulder issues so many of our clients come to us with.. Tell me when…I will make it happen. Sorry for the delay in responding. And I am elated that you will continue to write. Tell your truth and speak from your heart? That’s the only way you know? Then…what an amazing and beautiful lack of choices you have, Jill….and that is why I will always eagerly await anything you pen. XO and big hug! T

  2. Devon says:

    I enjoyed following your posts from your journey and welcome home. STAY Cool as you know its very HOT. Hope to see you soon~ I am glad to hear that you and Steve are sticking together it will be nice when you both are BACK TOGETHER again.

    • jill611 says:

      Thank you Devon. It is hot, isn’t it? Its nice to be back home though and great to see everyone again. Steve and I are both going to focus on ourselves and know that whatever is meant to be, really will be! In the meantime we love and support one another all the way. see you soon…….xoox

  3. Ronna says:

    Such a journey … in all aspects!! xxoo

  4. Fran Bruno says:

    …thankful to hear from you!….I was hanging..ha…really, this is a wonderful moment in each of your lives…’onward’ in trusting…content in the waiting…it WILL be worth the time…so much love..and yes, I will keep ‘following along’…if you don’t mind!! XOXO…to you both always…

    • jill611 says:

      Thanks, Frannie. We both are willing to care for ourselves right now and trust that the best thing will come from it, whatever, it is! thanks for being there for us! Love to you and Louie……oxxo

  5. Wynn Harris says:

    I love this blog so much Jill! I so look forward to each entry! It warms my heart and heals my soul!

    • jill611 says:

      You are a dear and I thank you so much for following us and for all of your lovely comments. So glad you are enjoying it, as I said, I am really enjoying writing it……xxxo

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